Thursday, June 10, 2010

Robert Montgomery Tribute

This video highlights ALL the many reasons I LOVE Robert Montgomery!!!



  1. I love this video! Awesome. I've only seen one movie with him in it (Mr. and Mrs. Smith) but I liked it enough to want to check out more of his work. What would you recommend? I like him because he is such a gentlemen and manages to be so hilariously funny without ever losing his decorum. I actually was familiar with his daughter, actress Elizabeth Montgomery (Samantha on Bewitched), before seeing anything of his. I think it's interesting to note how similar their acting style is, especially their facial expressions. But they are both unique, too.

  2. I agree totally... I think its neat when you watch Elizabeth and see an expression that mirrors her fathers! I would recommend Night Must Fall (for a darker Bob) or Private Lives (for a more surprising Bob). Both are excellent Robert movies!