Friday, June 11, 2010

The Addicts Remedy!

It always seems to amaze me how films are my answer no matter what life might throw my way. There is always a movie to fit my mood and console my feelings. I had a really rough day at work earlier this week. I came home and collapsed wondering what it was all for. I am typically a very content person. It takes a lot to throw me one way or the other, and cuddling those feelings always tend to make me more exhausted than if I just toss them aside.

However, there was no escaping them this week and by thursday I wanted to crawl into the fetal position and wine like a baby! Instead, (like the addict that I am) I put in the movie The Gay Divorcee with Astaire and Rogers. Fred and Ginger movies are formulaic and predictable... and that is exactly what I like about them! I don't have to wonder about the ending or pay close attention to the plot. I can just relax and sink into the comfortable cloud.

It was like a wonderful security blanket. (Plus I adore the scene where Ginger gets her dress caught in the travel trunk and graceful Fred rips it trying to get it out) Edward Everett Horton makes me laugh every time in every thing he does, and I think he is one of the greatest character actors.

So... Instead of laying on a couch pouring out my troubles to a shrink, I cuddled on my lumpy sofa and let my problems float away on the dance floor with Fred and Ginger.


  1. This is exactly what I do when I'm feeling down too :) Fred and Ginger are like a miracle cure for anything that ails you!

  2. I'm guessing all movie addicts do this when they're feeling down. It's usually Fred & Ginger for me, too - or The Philadelphia Story. My mom (who knows full well what a film fanatic I am) just smiles and says "it's cheaper than therapy!" : )