Monday, June 21, 2010

The First Men of Technicolor!

Everyone has their favorite actors whether they be in black and white or in blazing technicolor. Some guys simply look better in black and white... Humphrey Bogart, William Powell... It just adds to their charm, (admit it... Powell looks so much more sophisticated in b/w!) The same goes for guys who thrive in color. I picked the top 3 guys who look particularly good in TC! (Requirements for looking good in TC? A Tan Obviously!)

Here we go... Confessions' First Ever Men of Technicolor!

1. William Holden

(who actually looks great in ANY color if you ask me) is someone whom I think particularly thrives in rainbow! I chose a picture from his film with Kim Novak, Picnic! I mean... look at that movie poster! Holden looks so beef-cakey! The whole film is a bit steamy. Holden also looks very nice in Paris When It Sizzles!

2. James Garner

This guy was so funny and new how to pull off the glory of color. His films with Doris Day are among my favorites. Move Over Darling is hysterical. When he is watching the muscular man jump on the trampoline in nothing but a speedo... Jim's face is priceless!

3. Paul Newman
His big baby blues would have been overlooked had he not been put in color. I chose a pic from The Long Hot Summer... I don't think I really need to explain my reasoning... Kinda obvious! I don't think anything else needs to be said...

There are the top three in my book! So... who do you think is the best looking man in technicolor??

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