Wednesday, June 16, 2010

5 Favorite Actors

I have already confessed my favorite actresses, but now it's time for the other side of the coin... THE MEN
5. James Stewart
I love Jimmy when he plays drunk! So when I saw this picture... I fell in love! In the Philadelphia Story, my favorite scene is the one where Jimmy goes over to Cary Grant's mansion totally hammered. He is adorable, talkatvie and plays that whole movie to perfection. Everything from his lanky frame to his very distinctive way of speaking... James Stewart is a must!
4. William Powell
This guy only feeds my adoration of older men. Bill oozes charm and sophistication. I like his quick wit and confidence. He played both comedy and drama with such ease. His films with Myrna Loy are so wonderful because they paint a picture of married life that is both entertaining and full of acceptance. He could deliver a sarcastic line like no one else!

3. Humphrey Bogart
I like to think of Bogie as my first love! He was the first classic movie actor that caught my attention and thus plunged me head first into the wonderful pool of classic cinema. My tastes have grown and changed, but I will never forget Bogie dancing on the dark tennis court with Audrey Hepburn in Sabrina. I was 12 and in love!

2. Cary Grant
I would have gladly had been called Mrs. Leech, if it meant getting to spend every day with this man! Cary never gets old, and he has so many films to choose from... A movie for every occasion. I especially love his facial expressions in Arsenic and Old Lace, his swagger in Gunga Din... and nobody ever wore a fuzzy woman's robe like Cary in Bringing Up Baby!

1. Robert Montgomery
If you couldn't guess my favorite actor... then you obviously havn't seen my blog. Bob is amazing. I am constantly finding new movies that make me fall for this guy all over again! The way he played arrogance and playboy chic is wonderful to watch. He seems like he would have been a wonderful guy to meet, funny, a gentleman. If you havn't seen much of this guy... Please, please, do! Catch him in Night Must Fall or Untamed!
There it is folks... hope you liked the pictures!

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  1. Great blog Kelly! I too am a Bob Montgomery fan. Funny thing is, the first film of his I saw was "Night Must Fall'. Not his most sympathetic role, but definately his best. I mean geez....if a guy can make you fall for him while he is carrying a head around in a hatdox, HE'S GOT SOMETHING!!!! Anyway, love your blog. You have a new!