Monday, November 7, 2011

Showin' Style

If I could open my closet door and find these 4 looks ready and waiting.... I would be one happy girl!

1. Clara Bow in an adorable layered look. I love the striped sleeves and the patterened bandana together.
2. Plunging neck line.. Check! Fringe.... Check! Flapper galmour... Double Check! Yes please!
3. How could Clark Gable do anything but succumb to Norma's charms in this delightful number? Every girl should have her own sexy velevet robe (complete with a rope belt!)
4. The cut of this dress with the flora print and lace looks so romantic. I would love it in a deep burgundy with white lace and print. ( I wouldn't scoff if the bracelet accompanied the gown either...)

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