Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Playing "Charade"s

Why do I love the film Charade? Too many reasons to count!
Maybe it's because my high school gym coach/history teacher made us watch it in class... which was amazing! (Of course he is the same man who would show Andy Giffith reruns on Fridays when he was prepping for the Football game).
Perhaps its because of Cary Grant's oh so charming portrayal of several differnt men--and yet is always the same wonderful guy... confused? So was Audrey Hepburn!
Speaking of Audrey... I do absolutly love her in this film... She is audacious, gullible, brave and I like how she always knows exactly what she wants... even if she isn't sure what that is!
The movie is a bit dirty in places... that could be a major reason for my constant rewatching of it. I mean, there is a whole scene of Cary Grant rubbing an orange all over a woman's bosom using his chin! ... Juicy...Those French knew how to throw a floor show! Audrey comes on so strong and it's amazing Cary keeps his composure for as long as he does... If you need some good flirting tips ladies, just watch Audrey and take some notes! Brilliant! "How do you shave in there?"
That could even be another post one day... How Audrey Hepburn taught me to flirt without the use of Marilyn Monroe techniques! (Cuz let's face it, we weren't all blessed with a decent pair of those!)

** You can catch it on Instant Netflix**

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