Saturday, March 5, 2011

TCM Star of the Month- Jean Harlow

Jean Harlow is getting the much deserved TCM star treatment all month, and I couldn't be more pleased! Harlow was gorgeous, spunky and from everything I've read and researched, she seemed to be a genuinely sweet, gentle girl. Her death at the age of 26 at the peak of stardom is tragic. Her career was only just beginning, and us fans can only imagine the movies she would have made had she not left us so soon.

My Harlow picks this month:

1. Red Headed Woman-  Harlow plays a conniving, wickedly fun gold digger who sets her sights on more than just one man. Watch out Chester Morris! Tuesday March 8th at 8 pm est.

2. Bombshell- A famous actress gets taken advantage of by her friends and family. Surprise, its a comedy! I wrote a post on this film last year after seeing it on the big screen at Cinecon. Loved it! Tuesday March 15th at 9:30 pm est.

3. Libeled Lady- This screwball comedy is one of my all time favorites. It stars Harlow, Spencer Tracy, Myrna Loy and William Powell. This cast had amazing chemistry, and the movie is hysterical. My favorite part is when Powell is learning how to fish and hooks Harlow in the rear. (The two were a couple in real life and were engaged to be married when Harlow passed away.) Tuesday March 15th at 11:15 pm est.

4. Personal Property- This was based on the play Man in Possession (and is actually the second film adaptation of it. The first one starred Robert Montgomery and Irene Purcell. Read about it here.) This was the last film completed by Harlow and co-starred Robert Taylor. While checking the time for this film on TCM's website, I read something really interesting. Harlow wore her engagement ring from William Powell all through the filming of this movie. I am going to be looking for it! Tuesday March 15th at 2:45 am est.

5. The Secret Six- I have never seen this one. It is the first film pairing of Clark Gable and Jean Harlow. The two of them were always so wonderful together. Should be a real treat! Tuesday March 22 at 2:30 am est.

Make sure to double check TCM for any schedule changes or updates. Also you can check out the other Harlow films being shown. This is just a small sampling of all that TCM is offering on our favorite bombshell!

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  1. I'm really looking forward to this month on TCM! Jean is one of my favorites.