Thursday, September 9, 2010

"I want to run barefoot through your hair..."

Cinecon gave me the chance to see Jean Harlow on the big screen! They showed a gorgeous 35mm Bombshell! It was simply magnificent. Harlow glowed on that large screen... simply breathtaking!

The film is about a Hollywood starlet (Harlow) who is plagued by crazy relatives, sassy staff, demands of the job and of course by the studio publicist (Lee Tracy). Fed up with everything (especially Tracy's spoon fed stories to the press to promote her celebrity) Harlow goes to a resort. There she meets an extremely nice young rich man (Franchot Tone). She isn't aware that Tone has been hired by Tracy to lead Harlow on and send her back into the "loving" arms of the studio and Tracy.

Sitting int he audience, I was besotted by everything going on in the film... No one could deliver a line like Tracy could. He was fast as a wip, but you never missed a word. Harlow was stunning in her many dresses, she even references her own prior films (Red Dust etc.). But Franchot was the one that took me by surprise. Harlow is on horseback getting attacked by a crazed fan and who but Tone rides in to save the day. An older man behind me kinda laughed and said "Here comes Franchot...." It was Tone's entrance in the film, and it was quite impressive. Tone plays an actor pretending to be a rich man. He hams it up to perfection. He is ridiculously wonderful.

My favorite scene is when Ton and Harlow are walking under the moonlight. Tone stares into her eyes and says "Your hair looks like a field of silver daisies.... I want to run barefoot through your hair." The line was so deadpan and brilliant. Everyone started laughing. Tracy, over hearing the corn ball line tells Harlow later "That boy looks like an athelete. Just saying, not sure I would want those feet in my hair..."
I wasn't sure if it was my mood, the glorious big screen or the character... but Tone was actually quite attractive. I have never not liked Tone. He is always a nice addition to any movie, but I couldn't take my eyes off of him in Bombshell. He was just SO good!

If you like Harlow.... you will LOVE Bombshell..... If you kinda like Tone, then give this movie a shot. I highly recommend it!

Thank you Cinecon!


  1. I know you are a Robert Montgomery fan, so, have you seen "Three Loves Has Nancy"? Franchot Tone is a co-star with RM and Janet Gaynor. It's a silly story, but the dialogue is very snappy and it has Bob in it so it's worth watching. Tone is very good in it as well. Very funny.

  2. Debbie, that is so wonderful! I was actually watching Three Loves Has Nancy while I was writing this post! I wanted some Franchot on in the background. I love his drunk scenes. And RM is wonderful as always. I purchased some RM stills at the convention and as soon as my scanner begins to behave, I will share them :)

  3. Kelley, check out "Dangerous" with Franchot and Bette Davis. If you haven't seen it, it's excellent. (No Bob, alas, but excellent.) LOL