Friday, March 25, 2011

Stylish Blogger Award

Thanks to Monty over at All Good Things for rewarding my blog with the Stylish Blogger Award! 

No one ever forgets their first anything... and I can assure you that I will never forget Sarah for giving me my first blog award! Please go and check out her fantastic blog over at  And Scene. Her blog is one of my favorites!

According to the rules of the award, I have to post a link to Sarah's wonderful blog and reveal seven facts about myself then I pass the award along to seven other stylish bloggers:

1. I have a Cary Grant paper doll that sits on my desk at work. Right now he is in a stylish outfit from The Philadelphia Story

2. I have a super sweet dog (1/2 basset hound 1/2 Lab) named Sawyer and a sassy cat named Myrna (yup named her after THAT Myrna!)

3. I watch the movie Gidget an unhealthy amount of times whenever I happen to be sick. 

4. Calvin and Hobbs is my favorite comic strip.

5. Like most, I collect old movies and the goal is to own every Robert Montgomery film I can possibly get my hands on. Its a work in progress :)

6. I sing show-tunes in the shower. " A medley of old favorites...." Quick! Name that Movie!

7.  Finally, (who knew 7 facts could be so draining!) I love Shakespeare. Much Ado is the play I read most often.
Here are my picks for the Stylish Blogger Award: 
1. Classic Montgomery
2. Rosalind Russell
3. Silents & Talkies
4. A Noodle in a Haystack
5. Black and White: Cinema and Chocolate
6. Classic Film & TV Cafe
7. Hollywood Heyday
If you haven't checked these out... please do! They are all such wonderful blogs!

There you have it! Yay for blog awards! They are such a great way to be introduced to new bloggers in the community!


  1. Oh,these were fun to read. Imagine, a Cary Grant paper doll!!! Way back in the 80's, I had a Patrick Swayze poster on the back of my office door, but I've long since left Patrick behind...William Holden is my love now, and I feel about owning all his movies the way you do about Robert Montgomery.

    LOVE the name of your cat!! My beagle is named Ginger, in honor of, you got it, Ginger Rogers. My son thinks it would be great fun to have a bulldog named Cagney!!! I gotta agree with that. And, of course, since Gary Cooper's my other love, I think a lab named Cooper would be a good addition to the family.

    Thanks for sharing these fun snippets of yourself.

  2. Congratulations, Kelley! And thank you!

    Okay, I don't know what movie the quote is from (although it's very familiar!) but I have to admit - I sing show-tunes in the shower all the time.

    And Much Ado About Nothing is my favorite Shakespeare play. It's really amazing how few people have read it.... Anyway, glad to find another fan!

  3. Thanks for the sweet comments! Cagney the bulldog would be awesome!

    The quote is from Charade when C. Grant takes a shower fully clothed in A. Hepburn's hotel room. It always makes me laugh!