Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Lovin' that Red Dust!

So... I was so excited to get my TCM Now Playing Guide in the mail earlier this month, not because of the Lord of the Rings Cover (what the heck?!) but because on the back where it previews coming attractions, it showed Jean Harlow as the Star of the Month for March!

To celebrate, I put in my favorite Harlow film the other night, Red Dust. I love this movie! It is steamy, exciting and has a clean shaved Clark Gable (my favorite Gable is a mustache-less one) Him and Harlow made such a great team, their chemistry sparked lightening bolts and the setting for this movie only added heat to the already raging fire. Put Gable into manly hunting clothes, Harlow into barely there thin dresses and plop the two down into a steaming jungle... Yes please!

Gable's character runs a rubber plantation out in the middle of a jungle, but longs for better things in his life. Harlow (a down and out easy-girl) stumbles into his home and stays while the ship was on is getting repaired. The two have an affair, its love for Harlow, but only sex for Gable. About the time Harlow is slated to leave back on the boat, Gable's newest hire shows up... with his young wife, Mary Astor. Because Gable has been and always will be a irresistible hunk of male, him and Astor begin an affair. Harlow has come back to the house, convenient boat mishap, and is disappointed to find that Gable has moved other interests.... I don't want to ruin the rest of the story... I tend to hate spoilers... lets just say there are gun shots, lots of kissing and a tiger... You know you want to watch it!!

The film is very pre-code. It is full of sex and violence, dirty word play and suggestive situations. My favorite scene is when Gable and Harlow get into a tussle, throwing each other around and end up with Gable on top kissing Harlow. Poor Ms. Astor has quite a shock when she hears the noise and come to investigate!

So... Start clearing out those DVRs, I know I am, because when Harlow month comes along.. I want all the room I can get!

Harlow Gems to look out for:
Libeled Lady (Harlow and William Powell)
Personal Property (Harlow and Robert Taylor)
Wife vs. Secretary (Harlow and Jimmy Stewart!!)

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