Monday, March 8, 2010

Their Own Desire (1929)

Just to get it off my chest: I was very disappointed that more wasn't done during the Academy Awards to truly honor Lauren Bacall. She is a living legend, and I don't think that the Academy did enough to really show her the dues she deserves.

Okay... I vented. On to the movie!

I am on a mission to watch every Robert Montgomery movie I can get my hands on! He is one of my all time favorite actors, and I just love watching him! I found the movie Their Own Desire (1929) and have since watched it more than once ;)
Desire is about a girl named Lucia (Norma Shearer) who finds out her father is leaving her mother for another woman. Lucia adores her father and is shattered by the news. Her and her mother go on vacation to forget their troubles. Lucia decides to never let a man do to her what her father did to her mother. That holds up until she meets a very charming man named Jack (Montgomery.) They fall in love and coincidentally, never share last names. They find out that Jack's mother is the woman that her father left her mother for. Lucia decides that her and Jack can't be together. Jack convinces her to give him one more night and their favorite spot. While they are away, a storm hits and the two lovers are feared dead. And then... I wouldn't dare ruin the ending for you!
Montgomery was wonderful as his early play boy self. He not only sweeps Shearer off her feet, but you go right along with her. There is one really magical scene: Montgomery is carrying Shearer to his car while the two flirt. The scene is fuzzy and out of focus. There isn't any one singular thing that makes the moment so great, but I must have watched it a dozen times.
A friend of mine was watching it with me, and she remarked at one time just how magnificent Shearer was. And it is so true. You can't take your eyes off of her. She is so magnetic and her and Montgomery smolder together. If you like Shearer (and like me, love Montgomery) then this is a must see! Best Line: Jack: "I'm going to take you to church someday,"

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