Saturday, March 20, 2010

A Morning with Tyrone Power

So I spent Saturday morning with Tyrone. I only have two of his movies (Black Swan & The Mark of Zorro) but both movies are just pure fun. I like these types of period movies, men with swords fighting bad guys! They are my kind of chick flick.
The Mark of Zorro is, i believe, the second Zorro movie made. I know that there was a silent one made in the 20s, but I am not aware of another one made until the Tyrone version. I like Ty's way of playing both a wimp (as a front) and the hero. He looks the part and keeps the action moving. Even when he is acting the fool, he's charming. I think Banderas really channeld that in the remake. There is no comparing the films however. The old one has a charm about it.
The Black Swan was my first Tyrone film. I adore swashbuckling movies! Everyone from Captain Blood to the Pirates craze of today, and the swan is no different. I like how Ty is both develish and charming. He's a bad boy trying to do what is right most of the time, but having some naughty fun some of the time. Maureen O'Hara is also gorgeous in this film. She was such a spitfire. I don't know how she could resist Ty for as long as she did!
I would love to see some of Tyrone's earlier work from the 30s! I just think he was such a good actor. He was Fox's biggest male star for a long time!

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