Tuesday, April 6, 2010


Untamed stars Joan Crawford and Robert Montgomery. It was made in 1929 and is an early talkie. I like it because Crawford is so crazy young. She looks different, acts different but still has that wonderful wildness about her. She plays a girl raised in the jungle who is taken, after her father dies, to NY to become a lady. She meets Robert Montgomery (whom I will affectionately refer to as 'Bob') on board the boat to NY and is instantly in love. He is the male "companion" of an older lady (or pre-code cougar). My favorite part is when Crawford finds Bob in his room aboard ship and they flirt while he shaves. Adorable scene! Crawford and Bob had such a wonderful chemistry and this scene proves it! They part ways when they reach NY. Bob doesn't feel like he has the means to support Crawford. Crawford meanwhile becomes a lady (but still keeps a few of her wild habit... like convincing Bob and another man to box in the middle of the dance room... Bob does this w/o a shirt by the way!) Wonderful little movie, if you aren't a Bob or Crawford fan yet, you will be after this one!

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