Wednesday, April 14, 2010

5 Favorite Actresses

These are in no particular order!
Ginger Rogers! I adore her in her comedy roles. She had this spark and energy that I find very inspiring!

Joan Crawford... I will admit, I wasn't always a fan, but I am a complete convert. I really like Joan's wild streak. When she gets that crazy look in those big eyes of hers... I get goosebumps!

Oh Jean Harlow! There is nothing about this girl I don't like. I love her serious characters and her dumb blond ones! She defined bomb shell, and I only wish she could have lived long enough to feel the full impact she made on film culture.

Myrna Loy. Isn't this picture steamy! I like this actress so much... I named my cat after her! She was wickedly funny and was so quirky sweet!

Norma Shearer. I could go on forever writing my admiration for this woman, but I will keep this short and sweet! Whenever I watch Norma, nothing else in the film matters. She was exciting, emotional and one heck of an actress!

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