Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Been a While...

I haven’t been very consistent in my postings here lately. Between working full time and going to school at night and on the weekends, my plate has been way too over loaded. I’ve missed posting and I’ve missed reading other blogs as much as I would have liked. It doesn’t mean that I have stopped watching movies, however. I’ve been watching those tried and true favorites. So, I went back through all the VHS/DVD movie boxes strung out all over my floor (because I have a bad habit of not putting things away after I use them) and compiled a list of those films I unconsciously grab for after a long day.

Singing in the Rain
How to Steal a Million
Bridget Jones Diary (not old, but one of my absolute all time favorites!)
Summer Stock
The Philadelphia Story

I was wondering what that says about me. 3 Hepburns, 2 Kellys, Colin Firth (and a partridge in a pear tree!) Sorry, couldn’t resist. I tend not to think about what I am putting in the player when I do finally get home at night, but I don’t find the films surprising choices.

I have a soft spot for Sabrina and Singing in the Rain. They were a couple of the first old movies I can remember watching (them and anything on Nick at Night). I remember I used to keep Sabrina on a loop. It would play over and over again in my room. Singing in the Rain was one I would watch (and still do) when I would wake up with a bad dream. Technicolor can drive even the scariest of ghosts away!

The Philadelphia Story is one of my loves. It isn’t perfect (I hate how nonchalant the father is about his cheating ways), but I really like Tracy Lord. Katherine Hepburn was marvelous playing women with strong ideals and principles. I can relate to that. I have strong sensibilities and standards for myself, however I don’t push them onto other people like Tracy does. Cary Grant and James Stewart were great in their scenes together! They had wonderful chemistry and should have been in more films with each other.

Summer Stock and How to Steal a Million are ones I watch when I am studying. I like to have noise on in the background. It helps me focus (I know, a little strange). There are so many Givenchy outfits I want from Million. Audrey’s style in that movie is pure magic!

And good ole Bridge Jones. I know, I’m going off the beaten track here. Its an odd combination. I don’t always like Renee Zellweger (I’m picky on her movies) and Hugh Grant is not my preferred leading man, but this movie is one I can (and often do) quote at length. I LOVE Colin Firth in it; a gentleman with a bit of a naughty streak. The second Bridget Jones was okay, but the first one is where the girl in me takes over.

So… there’s a post to make up for lost time!

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  1. Your grab list is a good one. I could watch any of those right now. I haven't seen Bridget Jones Diary or How to Steal a Million, but how can you go wrong with Audrey or Colin? I actually really like the remake of The Philadelphia Story too. Have you seen High Society? You could add that one too.