Friday, February 18, 2011

If I only had a few million dollars....

Read this online yesterday morning... and one word came to mind: wowzie, wow, wow wowzers! (okay so that was more like a variation on one word... but just look at this!)

Cary Grant's home from 1954-1972 is for sale. It has been restored to its original 1930s Spanish-Andalusian splendor. You can read the full article here.
Isn't this just amazing....... Everything about it just looks peaceful...
I am not one for Spanish furnishings (not my style) but this is done so well
This kinda reminded me of the dining room in Bringing Up Baby because it looks out over the garden/pool.
I really like the little side-table by the bed

So Gorgeous!

If you have a few bags of money, hidden treasure in the Pacific, or a sugar daddy of considerable means, you can view the listing here! (Plus: Its right down the way from Frank Siantra's home that's up for Historical Recommendation.)

Anyone feel like loaning me 3 mill? I would pay you back in cake, vacations... and blogs!

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