Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Summer Under those Wonderful Stars!!

So... I am super duper excited about the month of August on TCM! Summer Under the Stars is always my favorite time of year for movie watching, and next month will prove to be no disappointment!

If you are knew to the glory that is SUTS... then let me give a brief explanation... Each day in Aug, TCM salutes one actor by showing a 24 hour marathon of his/her movies. This is wonderful for two reasons... 1. They almost always play rare films for certain stars and 2. Its a great way to discover actors that you might have heard of, but aren't too familiar with.

Okay.... enough explanation... Let's get to to the goods!
Days I am going to be working the DVR to the max:

Aug. 3: Steve McQueen
-Steve McQueen: The Essence of Cool: Doc on the actor. I am a moderate SMQ fan, but I think this doc might actually make me a full fledged SMQ NUT!
-The Magnificent Seven: love... Love... LOVE this movie! I remember watching it with my Grandpa when I was just a little girl, and now I will have a copy of my very own!!
-The Cincinnati Kid: SMQ and Edward G. Robinson! I am totally there.... if Ann-Margaret doesn't scare me away...

Aug. 7: Errol Flynn
-Oh Errol... I am so glad your marathon is on a Saturday! What a wonderful companion to laundry day! (Like Sheldon... I have a strict laundry schedule! Bazinga!)

Aug. 10: Kathryn Grayson
To tell the truth... Grayson always makes me cringe a bit.... and I worry for the sake of my glassware when she reaches some of those high notes, but nonetheless, I adore some of her movies (mainly for the leading men) My recommendations...
-The Desert Song: If you think Gordon MacRae was a wimpy man... check him out in this one... talk about Sheik!
-Kiss Me Kate & Lovely to Look At: Both have Howard Keel. 'Nuff said

Aug. 12: Norma Shearer
This is the day I am the most excited about! Finally a day of Norma! The question is not 'What will I be recording?'... but... 'What will I NOT be recording?!' There are some rare Norma silents that should be really good: (Lady of the Night, A Lady of Chance and The Student Prince in Old Heidlberg) Plus... I would be remiss if I didn't mention that 3 of Norma's movies have... drum roll please... the always amazing (in my book) Robert Montgomery!!!

Aug. 16: Robert Stack
Who? My point exactly. I have no idea who this guy is, but I am intrigued!

Aug. 17: Maureen O'Hara
- The Parent Trap: There is nothing like the original!
-The Quiet Man: I have always wanted to own this one! Wayne and O'Hara had amazing chemistry... and this one proves it!

Aug. 24: John Gilbert
Why am I excited about a whole day devoted to John Gilbert? Lots and LOTS of silent movies! So many of the ones they will be showing are very rare! Gilbert was famous in the twenties for being a smoldering presence on screen (especially with Garbo!)
- He Who Gets Slapped: this one also has Lon Chaney and Norma Shearer... A serious drama... Get the tissues folks!

Aug. 25 Lauren Bacall
-Confidential Agent: I have always wanted to see this one with Bacall and Boyer. I understand that it isn't amazing but I would like to make some of my own opinions...
-Blood Alley: I can only imagine the chemistry between Bacall and John Wayne... This one, I am hoping, should be a treat!
-Bright Leaf: I have never even heard of this one (GASP) Cooper, Bacall AND Jack Carson! Um.... YES!
-Sex and the Single Girl: I have seen this movie a few times and love it! Absolutely a Must! Side notes: Tony Curtis in this one.... Yum and my favorite Character Actor: Edward Everett Horton "Thank you, Bob, for living down to my expectations."

Aug. 30: Kay Francis (It is actually Thelma Todd Day... but...)
-Mary Stevens, M.D.: Okay, so I am looking forward to this movie (not because of Thelma Todd) but because this is a wonderful example of a quintessential pre code film. Not only is Kay Francis a doctor in a film (NOT A NURSE) but she decides to have a baby out of wedlock. Two striking plot points that could not have happened after the horrible production code.

There you have it folks! A long post... for an awesome month of... well.... AWESOMENESS!


  1. Robert Stack on August 16? that's my bday! Well, Robert Stack was the host of the popular show Unsolved Mysteries, he started his film career in 1942 in "To be or not to be" (Carole Lombard's last film)...and he was also known for starring in the tv series "The Untouchables" =)

    BTW...Thank you SOOOOO much for your comment =)

  2. The American TCM sounds wonderful! All the Australian one seems to play is war movies, and they are not really my cup of tea. Although they are having a Michael Curtiz month this July! :D

    I'd be most psyched about the Errol Flynn marathon